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Thanks to the VOIP technology, 3 StarsNet provides you with a simple and efficient solution of superior quality to reduce your telephony costs.

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Why choose 3Stars Net ?

- More than 10 years experience in telecom.

- Belgian pioneer of voice on the Internet.

- Widest range of VoIP solutions.

- At the cutting edge of developments in this technology.


- Approach geared fully to your satisfaction.

- Very extensive flexibility of solutions for your needs.

- Constant growth in the number of new customers.

What? You switched to digital TV, why not to digital telephone ?
Call your kids anywhere in the world for almost nothing.
Internet telephony today...just plug and play.
Hear the communication quality you never heard before.
Internet telephony today .... click and start saving!
What? You still need a PC for calling over internet ?
Early times have gone !
Enjoy your international call at the price of a local call !
Have you ever experienced local quality on an international call?
Your wife is spending hours a day with her mother in Spain ?
So what, even your bank account doesn't feel it.

3StarsNet is:

Quality, reliability, economy and easy use!


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3StarsNet, the leading Belgian operator in hi-quality Voice over IP (VOIP and SIP Trunk). Save on all your phone calls thanks to our tariffs, tailor-made packs, promotions and subscriptions !