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Thanks to the VOIP technology, 3 StarsNet provides you with a simple and efficient solution of superior quality to reduce your telephony costs.

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Why choose 3Stars Net ?

- More than 10 years experience in telecom.

- Belgian pioneer of voice on the Internet.

- Widest range of VoIP solutions.

- At the cutting edge of developments in this technology.


- Approach geared fully to your satisfaction.

- Very extensive flexibility of solutions for your needs.

- Constant growth in the number of new customers.

What? You still need a PC for calling over internet ?
Early times have gone !
Call your kids anywhere in the world for almost nothing.
What? You switched to digital TV, why not to digital telephone ?
Have you ever experienced local quality on an international call?
Hear the communication quality you never heard before.
Your wife is spending hours a day with her mother in Spain ?
So what, even your bank account doesn't feel it.
Internet telephony today...just plug and play.
Internet telephony today .... click and start saving!
Enjoy your international call at the price of a local call !

3StarsNet is:

Quality, reliability, economy and easy use!


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3StarsNet, the leading Belgian operator in hi-quality Voice over IP (VOIP and SIP Trunk). Save on all your phone calls thanks to our tariffs, tailor-made packs, promotions and subscriptions !